HILOTRONS Have (Finally) Released A (Rad) New Album

HILOTRONS are one of Ottawa's better bands. But that fact has been easy to forget — it's been five years since they last released an album. Thankfully, they're back in 2013 with a brand new record full of their usual electro-y pop gems. At Least There's Commotion is a mix of barn-storming dance tracks like opener "Venus At Your Back Door" and slow-burning R&B jams like "My Number". And it seems as if that's not all the band has planned. Their Facebook page promises that, "This won’t be the only record release this year, as we recorded another record, a couple of EPs and a few film soundtracks." (A few!)

They'll be at the Garrison on Saturday night, along with one of Edmonton's better bands, Christian Hansen (who we interviewed a few months back), for $8. 

You can stream the whole record on CBC until Feb. 12 here.

MP3: "Venus At Your Back Door" by HILOTRONS
MP3: "She Knows My Condition (Part 2)" by HILOTRONS



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