CMW 2013: Alba Lua @ The Silver Dollar by Alex Snider

THURSDAY — I only saw one band on Thursday night. I had planned to hit The Hoxton to see Action Bronson but there was a big line up, filled with young frat boy types and that is just really not my jam (before you think I'm all high and mighty, let me tell you that I just ate some cookies for breakfast). Then there was a line at Lee's and I was suddenly so weary. I live only two minutes from Lee's and my bed was so very near... You guys should have seen me in my youth – I could chug a beer faster than anyone.

I am really glad that I did see Alba Lua, though, it was a lovely way to spend an hour and a great way to kick off CMW even if I was dressed more for grunge than dreamy psych-pop.

Fresh from SXSW, the French (France-French from Paris and Bordeaux) band with a Portugese/Spanish name (translation: moon of the dawn – amazing) took the stage at The Silver Dollar to a small but engaged crowd. They played a slightly longer set than most do at CMW but I was still left wanting more. They're going to be playing The Hop Farm festival in the UK this summer along with My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr. and Black Angels all of which kind of compliments their sound perfectly.

Their songs are full of twangy hooks that call to mind Ennio Morricone's iconic spaghetti western themes and tracks that would fit right into a Tarantino soundtrack, with a bit of the psychedelic and a lot of that late 60s folky ethereal that feels like the half-drunk drowsiness of a sun-dappled afternoon. I live for those afternoons – especially when there's a skinny boy in an oversized cable-knit nearby. I liked it best when the tracks got louder, harder and grittier, when the reverb got heavier and the Vox guitar got more insistent. But then I'm a cynical, moody broad who prefers her music noisy, angry and demanding.

Overall, Alba Lua delivered a show that lived up to their slightly-witchy, dreamy name. Next time I see them I'll be sure to wear some sort of crocheted top and cowboy boots with a floppy hat and some sort of fringed vest.


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Photos by Stephanie Cloutier.

Alex still parties sometimes. She can be found on Twitter and her nearly defunct blog.


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