CMW 2013: Limblifter @ The Horsehoe Tavern by Laurie McGregor

FRIDAY — I really love the recent trend of some of my favourite Canadian bands from the nineties getting back together and touring again. First it was Rusty, and now Limblifter are back (albeit in a somewhat modified format) to fill my ears with nostalgia from my teenage years!

Friday was my second time seeing Limblifter play in the past three months. I had caught them in December at Lee’s Palace in support of the vinyl release of their self-titled first album, and was super excited to get to see them again so soon. My inner 16 year old was squealing in anticipation and the packed house at the ‘Shoe were too. Limblifter hit the stage and treated the excited crowd to a mix of old hits like "Screwed It Up" and "Tinfoil", songs off frontman Ryan Dahle’s solo album, and some new tunes – and also hinted at the release of a new album in the near future. Despite Dahle not being able to keep still for longer than a second, at times it felt like the energy wasn’t near the level of freneticness that I had seen at the last show. Maybe it was just me projecting my sleepiness onto the set, as the rest of the crowd, singing along and screaming out for their favourite songs to be played, didn’t seem to notice one bit.


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Photos by Adam Bunch.

Laurie McGregor is a Toronto-based dilettante. She likes books, music, soft things, baking, unicorns, robots and has an unnatural love of vending machines. You can find her posts here and email her at


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