CMW 2013: shy kids @ Global Village Backpackers by Adam Bunch

THURSDAY — Playing at 8pm on the festival's Thursday night isn't exactly the ideal Canadian Music Week timeslot. Especially when the venue is a tiny room in a tourist hostel that hasn't been a well-known part of the local music scene since the 1980s (though back in the day, it did play host to the likes of the Rolling Stones and Leonard Cohen). But that didn't seem to cause much trouble for shy kids. Their laptop pop filled the room despite the early set time and their drum loops, catchy hooks and dreamy atmospherics seemed to thoroughly charm the crowd. The sound wasn't entirely perfect — the levels seemed off, with the vocals overpowering the music at times — which might have been a symptom of the small venue, but it did blend beautifully with the Christmas lights and disco ball aesthetic of the backpacker's hostel. In fact, as the set drew to a close with their live rendition of their greatest song — "Raise 'em Right" — the biggest complaint you could offer was probably that the set was ending too soon.

MP3: "Raise 'em Right" by shy kids


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Photos by Carmen Cheung.

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