CMW 2013: We Are Wolves @ Sneaky Dee's by Alex Snider

FRIDAY — We Are Wolves put on the kind of show that makes me salivate. It was dirty and loud and with swagger to spare. The kind of show that makes me nervous to see at Sneaky Dee's because as the packed-to-capacity crowd dances and jumps to the beat, the floor contracts and bows. I try to not think about that one pillar downstairs bearing the weight of a couple hundred people rocking the fuck out. If I'd been crushed to death because of the collapsed floor then I'd  never finish my novel or been to the Grand Canyon but at least I'd have seen We Are Wolves. Give me dance-punk or give me death but at the very least give me some dance-punk before death.

The Montreal group played it tight and hard and fast and only took time off to take off their shirts and slick back their greasy hair. They howled and pounded the drum kit and shredded their bass and guitar. I swooned the entire time.  

I also love nothing more than when a Toronto crowd gets it. I've been to far too many shows where the most the audience can offer is an enthusiastic head-nod or jaunty toe tapping. I'm pleased to say that despite the sagging floor, everyone was all in. God bless hot, sweaty, jostley rock shows. It was all over much too fast. I can't wait to see them again. 


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Photos by Carmen Cheung.

Who can resist tattooed punk rockers? Alex Snider can't. She can be found on Twitter and her nearly defunct blog.


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