Inspire Me Thursdays by Desiree Proveau

Some Thursdays, we post one of the "Inspire Me Thursday" posts from Desiree Proveau's wonderful blog, The Farmer's Only Daughter. It's full of style and crafts and lessons learned while growing up on a farm — the kind of stuff that can come in handy living in the midst of the big city's urban glitz and excess:

Oh hello there it Thursday!!!!??? Yes it is...and that means tomorrow is Friday! Thank GOD! What's even better is that February is OVER! Only a few days left until the first day of spring. Time to get a new pair of rubber boots!
I do love Marilyn, but I love the bookshelves behind her a lot.

A sure sign of spring spotted on my way into work...

Now THAT is a Gypsy Caravan!

  LOVE this

 We went to see The Junction Trio play Dvorak at St. Anne's Church last night... Classical music in a beautiful setting with a warm beverage and a hot date! Perfect for a cold and rainy Wednesday... and it was only a 5 minute walk away...that's my kind of commute : )

 Love Desiree


Desiree Proveau is a farmer's only daughter, now living in Toronto. In the midst of urban glitz and excess, she's incorporates the lessons she learned on her father's farm: to make due or mend, to never use anything just once, and to re-purpose what's no longer useful. She shares her designs, crafty lifestyle, and inspirations at The Farmer's Only Daughter.


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