Mucho Burrito's Gourmet Taco Trio by Ama Scriver

For those looking for street-style inspired Mexican food on the go, we recently checked out Mucho Burrito. The Canadian restaurant chain (with two handy downtown locations: on Queen West and Adelaide/Bay) have introduced La Taqueria Trio for a limited time. This taco trio is made with rich and gourmet ingredients while keeping true to their authentic street-style roots.

Photographer Yuli Scheidt and I headed down to the restaurant to try these tacos out for ourselves, indulging in our sweet and savory side. First up we dove into the Mango Steak Tango, loaded with grilled steak, green mango slaw and a spicy aioli drizzle. When I was first looking at the menu, I was very excited about this taco, but of the three I would have to say this was personally my least favourite. The heat factor packed a bit too much of a punch and took over all of my tastebuds. I'm usually one for heat, too.

Next up, we tackled the Guacagrilled Pineapple Carnitas is made with Slow roasted pork, adobo mole sauce, grilled pineapple, red cabbage, guacamole and onion chips. While Yuli told me she thought the flavouring on this was a little bland, I thought this was just right. It was giving my mouth all kinds of loving and I loved that the cabbage was raw, not pickled.

But like they always say, we saved the best for last, which was the Fiery Chicken Chorizo Fiesta which featured grilled chicken, chorizo crumble, coleslaw, habanero fig spread, guacamole and sour cream. This explosion of mouth flavors gave you sweet (fig), hot (habanero) and tangy (grilled bbq chicken). This gave me that one-two punch that I was looking for in the taco department.

La Taqueria Trio, which is served in soft corn tortillas, are available until May 2, 2013. The trio is $8.95-$9.25 CDN, depending on the region. For more information on the tacos and the locations, check out the Mucho Burritos Facebook page here.

Photos by Yuli Scheidt.

Amanda (Ama) Scriver is a foodie and music fiend. She is a food writer for Pink Mafia with her 'Eats' column and works as an event planner full-time. She enjoys random adventures that you can follow each and everyday through Twitter (@amapod) or follow through Instagram (username: amapod).


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