The Little Red Digest for April 15, 2013

This is maybe a new thing we're going to start doing, where we share links to things we've been reading:

A scientist in Iran says he invented a time machine. An algae-powered building opened in Germany. A ten year-old boy found a 300 million year-old fossil. Florida is under attack from giant snails. Margaret Thatcher made ice cream less awesome. She also spanked Christopher Hitchens. Gorbachev remembered her for the New York Times. Size matters. Before they became famous artists, famous artists had other jobs. There's a Syd Barrett colouring book. Shelia Heti used to have a riot grrrrl zine, which you can read online. Dave Eggers wrote an introduction for Infinite Jest. Dan Mangan wrote an open letter slagging off the Slagging Off blog. Jay Shells turns rap lyrics into street signs. Janelle MonĂ¡e has a new album coming. Justin Bieber wishes Anne Frank was a Justin Bieber fan. In Brazil, 100 telephone booths were turned into art installations. In Toronto, the city is thinking about turning bus shelters into video advertising. Edward Keenan responded to Rob Ford's open letter about the proposed Toronto casino. Stephen Harper pulled Canada out of an international health and well-being organization that Canada helped to create. Police forces on 26 First Nations reserves in Quebec were disbanded thanks to the federal and provincial governments. Inuktitut became an official language in Nunavut.



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