The Little Red Digest for April 22, 2013

Scientists say the universe might be a computer simulation. Now, you can have sex over Skype — sort of. In Iceland, they have an app for making sure you don't sleep with your cousin. Bats go down on each other. Hamilton is the bra-making capital of the world. The cupcake market is crashing. A cat dressed as a shark rode a Roomba chasing a duckling. Jon Hamm explained sculpture on Sesame Street. A Canadian message in a bottle from 1985 washed ashore in Croatia. Everyone loves Toronto's chief planner. Researchers have designed the ideal subway car. You can volunteer to go to Mars and never come back. Lionel Messi played soccer against a robot goalkeeper. Patton Oswald improvised a plot for the new Stars Wars movie. New Zealand joined the civilized world. A victim of the Boston Marathon bombing was harassed by police for being Saudi. The arrest of the bomber raised questions about civil liberties. The Nation remembered the first woman to run the Boston Marathon against the Marathon's wishes. Angelina Jolie and the G8 declared that rape and sexual violence are war crimes. The Conservatives removed the words "Environment Canada" from Environment Canada's weather site and added links to Conservative propaganda. Gabby Giffords made you cry about gun control.    



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