The Little Red Digest for April 8, 2013

This is maybe a new thing we're going to start doing, where we share links to things we've been reading:

Scientists say they've discovered the Gate to Hell. Babies are better at telling monkeys apart than you are. In Montreal, you can be arrested for taking an Instagram of graffiti. In Georgia, they still have segregated proms. Norman Rockwell painted about the Civil Rights Movement. The Public Domain Review posted woodcuts of strange beasts from the 1600s. Amazon bought Goodreads. It's the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht, which helped pave the way for the early beginnings of Canadian multiculturalism. Fraggle Rock was obsessed with death. Arrested Development comes back on May 26. More people shared torrents of the Game of Thrones premiere than anything ever before. The director of the show is happy about that. Yahoo has probably destroyed the most history ever. There's a new website dedicated to the history of (not) building public transit in Toronto. David Crombie, Toronto's tiny perfect mayor, is still around, doing things. Most Canadians think Stephen Harper is too secretive and unethical. NASA is not going back to the moon. The Onion remembered Roger Ebert. But not everyone remembered Margaret Thatcher.



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