Topanga Have A New Name (And A New Version Of An Old Song)

"Topanga is dead to us," the band announced this week. "Why? Because. Disney is re-launching the Boy Meets World empire. They’ve turned Topanga, a nostalgic part of our childhood, into some Hannah Montana / Jonas Brothers horseshit. Fuck. That. Noise." So, from now on, one of the best drunken jump around shout-along pop-punk outfits in Toronto will be known as PUP. You can like the band's new Facebook page here.

They've also got a debut full-length on the way, produced by Dave Schiffman (of Weezer and Mars Volta fame), and they've shared a new version of one of their kickassingest tracks "Lionheart", which we'll post below.

Their next gig in T.O. is at Lee's with Titus Andronicus on May 2. And they're playing Hamilton the very next night with The Dirty Nil and Single Mothers.


Photo: Topanga PUP play a North By Northeast BBQ in 2012 (by Adam Bunch).


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