The Baseball Posts: Anthony Gose Steals Home

Despite their dramatic come-from-behind win in Tampa Bay, last night was a deeply sad night for the Blue Jays. Starting pitcher J.A. Happ got hit in the side of the head by a line drive — the scariest and most sickening thing we've ever seen happen in a game. Word today is as positive as could you could hope for: Happ is apparently in "good condition" and was just released from hospital. We're hoping he'll be okay — and that Major League Baseball finally takes a serious look at head protection for pitchers. Last year, when Brandon McCarthy suffer a similar accident, he nearly died.

But there was a happier moment for the Blue Jays AAA minor league team, the Buffalo Bisons, last night. Incredibly-stupidily-fucking-fast prospect Anthony Gose — who saw time with the big league club last year — pulled off one of the most exciting plays in sports. He stole home.

It wasn't even close:


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