The Little Red Digest for May 13, 2013

The cicadas are coming. Design got flat. The Onion changed their password. Adobe might be committing suicide. Star Wars sets were abandoned in the desert. Commander Riker sat down. Quantum physicists suggested the future might influence the past. Coca-cola fought against a recycling program in Australia — and won. Canada's corporate tax rate is craaaazy low. The Harper government spent millions of taxpayer dollars Googling itself. And also Santa Claus. Canada's Environment Minister says it's an "honour" to be considered an environmental villain. Google let us watch 30 years of human impact on the Earth. A wall of ice destroyed cottages in Manitoba. An apartment in Paris was opened for the first time in 70 years. Ten playgrounds were totally freaking awesome. Linda Grant remembered feminism and the sleazy men of the '70s. F. Scott Fitzgerald failed to understand flappers. Hip hop turned 30 nine years ago.


Photo: Brooklyn, 1980 by Jamel Shabazz via the Village Voice.


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