NXNE 2013: Gold & Youth @ BLK BOX by Adam Bunch

FRIDAY — The last time Gold & Youth played a big show in Toronto was less than a week before their NXNE set, when they were echoing out over the fields of Fort York for Arts & Crafts' massive outdoor anniversary festival. Just six days later, they brought that stadium-sized sound to the basement of the Great Hall for the Young Lions Music Club showcase. But the back-to-back dates did nothing to limit the crowd. In fact, BLK BOX seems to have been one of the most popular places to be on the festival's Friday night. By the time Gold & Youth took the stage at 1am, the room was packed — and with plenty of familiar faces from other bands who were there check out the Vancouverites' sweeping electronic pop sounds. (As we hung out at the back, we ran into members of We Are Wolves, The Cruelty Party, Tomboyfriend and The Reply over the course of just a few minutes.) Not a bad way to cap off a big week for one of Canada's most rapidly rising acts.

MP3: "City of Quartz" by Gold & Youth


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Photos by Carmen Cheung.

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