NXNE 2013: Marker Starling @ The Piston by Laurie McGregor

WEDNESDAY — Toronto's own Marker Starling (Chris Cummings, previously known as Mantler before old jazz musician Michael Mantler decided to sue him for using the name) filled the air of the Piston late on Wednesday night with his beautiful blend of loungey R&B, soul-poppy goodness. Wearing a black tuxedo (I've usually only see him in white!!), sitting behind his Wurlizter electric piano, he charmed the crowd with his dry wit and beautifully poetic lyris. Marker Starling shows, whether I'm seeing him perform solo in a strangers living room, or in a busy bar with drums, guitars and three back-up singers, always make me feel like I'm in an old movie with a really fantastic soundtrack. Everyone was entranced, and even demanded an encore — something I've never seen before at a NXNE show!


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Photos by Adam Bunch.

Laurie McGregor is a Toronto-based dilettante. She likes books, music, soft things, baking, unicorns, robots and has an unnatural love of vending machines. You can find all her posts here and email her at laurie@littleredumbrella.com.


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