The Little Red Digest for July 2

Wendy Davis filibustered the fuck out of an anti-abortion bill in Texas. DOMA fell. Which meant at least one man was saved from deportation. Everyone in the St. Petersburg Pride March was arrested. The U.S. Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act. And they did it for the lamest of reasons. Foreign Policy magazine called Canada "a rogue petrostate... a dystopian vision of the continent's energy-soaked future." Most Canadians wouldn't even consider voting for the Conservatives. Spacing pondered Doug Ford's legacy. The Ford brothers answered fake phone calls on their radio show. Harper had interns fake a protest against Trudeau. Turkish protesters read books. Preston Manning tried to undermine Naheed Nenshi. Political cartoons continued to die out. Mountain climbers in Pakistan were executed by terrorists. A man in San Diego faced 13 years in prison for using sidewalk chalk. The U.S. Army won't let soldiers read The Guardian online. The Canadian Forces said a gay man wasn't fit to train cadets. Your phone can now record things that have already happened. John Lennon auditioned for The Voice. Ontario Place is set to become a park.  Coyotes howled


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