Uh Oh: "Meeting to Discuss Alcohol Consumption in Trinity Bellwoods Park"

If you've been reading The Little Red Umbrella for a while, you might have noticed that drinking in Trinity Bellwoods Park is one of our favourite things to do in Toronto. Having a glass of wine or beer with your picnic may not be an "officially" sanctioned activity, but it's a long-standing tradition for reasonable people all over the world. It's part of what makes Bellwoods the beating heart of Queen West West. So much so that we've had friends from out of town show up already excited for a chance to visit the park.

All of that means we were pretty upset to come across a notice for what's being billed as a "Meeting to Discuss Alchohol [sic] Consumption in Trinity Bellwoods Park". There's not much more information provided, but it will be hosted by the local City Councillor Mike Layton. Representatives from the Toronto Police, Municipal Licensing & Standards and Parks & Recreation will be there too. It's hard to say for sure, but it certainly looks like they might be planning to "crack down" on one of the most pleasant ways to spend an afternoon in Toronto.

It's being held this Thursday, July 4 at 6pm in the Trinity Bellwoods Community Centre's Assembly Hall. (Full details here.)

Hopefully, we'll see you there.

Update: The Star just published a piece saying that yes, this is about a crack down.


Photo: Sweet Thing play the Great Heart Musical Festival in Trinity Bellwoods Park (by Melanie Baresic) 

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