Kickass Video From The Sweatiest Show We've Ever Been To: PUP at Magpie

If you're into any of the amazing indie punk shit currently going on in Toronto, you should probably be checking out Blanket Fort. They shoot great black and white video of some of the best, loudest, sweatiest, partyingest, shout-along rock 'n' roll shows happening in the city right now. And they were there a few weeks ago at Magpie on Dundas — on the hottest fucking night of the summer — when PUP, Pkew Pkew Pkew (gunshots) and The Dirty Nil teamed up for one of the best bills of the year. Behind the bar's fogged up windows, the small venue was packed with people, turning the room into what an oven inside a sauna inside the bowels of hell must feel like. (Y'know, assuming Satan has great taste in music and knows how throw a party.)

Blanket Fort recently posted some of their footage of PUP's headlining set, featuring two of the band's catchiest songs: "Lionheart" and "Back Against the Wall". So here you go: the video's posted below.

You can like Blanket Fort on Facebook here or check out their website here. And you can do the same for PUP here and here.

Image: still from the video


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