Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To, Volume 50

It seems like not that long ago we were getting ready to launch this site — and now, somehow, we've already done 50 of these podcasts. (Plus special editions for NXNE, CMW and the Polaris Music Prize.) This week we celebrate the half-century mark with Beck, The Kinks, Mystikal, The Beastie Boys, Michael Rault, the Lost Babies and more.


1. "Intergalactic" by The Beastie Boys
2. "Sexx Laws" by Beck
3. "August 32nd" by The Big Town Boys
4. "A Girl's Gotta Do" by Waitresses
5. "Wasps" by The Lost Babies
6. "Pavure Lola" by April March
7. "Faux Beatnik" by Regis Barly
8. "Gotta Get The First Plane Home" by The Kinks
9. "Suckcess" by Michael Rault
10. "In The Summertime" by Mungo Jerry
11. "Shake Ya Ass" by Mystikal
12. "Never Going Back Again" by Fleetwood Mac

Compiled by Adam Bunch, the Editor-in-Chief of the Little Red Umbrella and the creator of the Toronto Dreams Project. You can read his posts here, follow him on Twitter here, or email him at


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