Dwayne Gretzky Play On A Boat — This Friday

One our of very favourite memories from last September was the Young Lions Music Club boat cruise. Downstairs (what do they call that on a boat? down the hatch? below deck? you know, the part where all the poor people died on the Titanic) there was the live music of Dwayne Gretzky and Stella Ella Ola. It was the first time we'd seen either band, who both quickly found their way into our hearts. Meanwhile, upstairs (above deck? up the hatch? you know, the part where pirates have their sword fights) there was a full-on dance party DJed by The Smiths' Andy Rourke. The whole night ruled.
This year, they're doing it again. The super-group cover band Dwayne Gretzky will be back, playing  a setlist that usually includes everything from Queen to the Jackson 5 to Fleetwood Mac. And the Young Lions Music Club's own Summer Fling DJs will be dropping their dance-happy tunes. It promises to be a pretty fun night on the high seas of Lake Ontario.

You can pick up your ticket online for $20 here or in person from Soundscapes or Rotate This, they're sold out online if you're lucky, through a post on the Facebook invite wall here.

Once you've done that, you can start getting excited with the Dwayne Gretzky-themed edition of our Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To podcast right on over here.

Photo: Toronto Harbour by Adam Bunch


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