There's A Trailer For Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Episode

After a long summer of unanswered questions, we're only a few weeks away from what promises to be one of the biggest episodes of Doctor Who ever. "A love letter to the fans," the BBC calls it. At least two companions and three versions of the Doctor are set to appear — Clara and Rose teaming up with Matt Smith's Doctor, David Tennant's Doctor and John Hurt's Doctor-ish whoever-he-is — to battle some classic alien villains. And that certainly might not be all. With every single one of the Doctors having made at least a brief glimpse of an appearance in the season finale, the 50th anniversary looks like it might very well be steeped in the history of the show. Which, well, is kinda what you'd expected. And the new trailer just released by the BBC certainly does nothing to undermine that suspicion, with something of a brief overview of 50 years of Who:


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