Peter Capaldi's 1980s Punk Band (With Craig Ferguson)

Long before it was announced that Peter Capaldi would be playing Doctor Who's Twelfth Doctor, the Scottish actor was already well-known for his brilliant role as the political spin doctor Malcolm Tucker on the searing BBC comedy The Thick of It. But that was far from his first shot at fame. All the way back in the very early 1980s, he formed a punk band in Glasgow. They were called Dreamboys and he was the guitarist and frontman. That's him in the Matt Smith-esque bowtie on the bottom-left.

The drummer was none other than Craig Ferguson, who now hosts The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on CBS. He's the guy in the suit standing in the middle. Even the bassist went on to find some success: as a storyboard artist who has worked on Harry Potter and The Avengers among other things.

Dreamboys never did find international stardom — "We were the only band John Peel never gave a session to in Glasgow," Capaldi apparently once joked — but in 1980 they did release a 7-inch. And so, although Ferguson didn't play on the recording, 34 years later some of their songs still survive on YouTube.

Here's "Outer Limits":


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