Inspire Me Thursdays by Desiree Proveau

Some Thursdays, we post one of the "Inspire Me Thursday" posts from Desiree Proveau's wonderful blog, The Farmer's Only Daughter. It's full of style and crafts and lessons learned while growing up on a farm — the kind of stuff that can come in handy living in the midst of the big city's urban glitz and excess:

Good day to you fine folks! It's already Thursday, YES! It was 5 degrees outside yesterday! It's just the beginning...spring is on the way and I'm so freaking excited I can barely contain myself. Spring is such a beautiful season and I basically missed it last year because even the fresh scent of flowers was enough to make me gag. This spring I am making up for it! I don't have to go to work!  I can walk to the park with my awesome stroller, a fancy coffee and my beautiful Eloise... I'll be one of the hipster moms I used to envy as I quickly sped to the office!

I'm really into denim right now... I plan to rock the double denim a lot this spring. 
James gave me a hard time the other day about buying jeans that look worn on purpose. I told him they were cheap and he said "It's because they've got holes in them!| lol Okay Dad! Am I too old to rock jeans with holes in them? Is that reserved for the young millennial?

This is totally classy for a mom.

This outfit is 139.00!! Are you kidding me J. Crew?


Cucamelons! Mini watermelons that taste like cucumbers with a hint of lime.  How cool would these be?!

Love this...

 And this...

Still need to do this!

Could be a pretty fun spring project

 Succulents! Need to get some.
Love this seaside look

So cute.


This little guy drives too.
 Have a great weekend!

Desiree Proveau is a farmer's only daughter, now living in Toronto. In the midst of urban glitz and excess, she's incorporates the lessons she learned on her father's farm: to make due or mend, to never use anything just once, and to re-purpose what's no longer useful. She shares her designs, crafty lifestyle, and inspirations at The Farmer's Only Daughter.


Anonymous said...

She is so pretty!!!
tac dung cua noi that o to
do noi that o to
kinh nghiem do noi that o to

jhon said...

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