Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To, Rob Ford Edition by DJ Flex Rock

With the municipal election campaign already underway, Rob Ford is hard at work trying to get in shape (because that will clearly fix everything). So DJ Flex Rock has put together a playlist of songs the Mayor might like, whether he needs a few tunes to work out to, or a soundtrack for a night of coke rage at 15 Windsor.


1. Willie Nile - "Police On My Back"
2. Stereophonics - "High As The Ceiling"
3. Raboto - "We Are All On Drugs"
4. The Buggles - "Video Killed The Radio Star"
5. Fleetwood Mac - "Tell Me Lies"
6. East River Pipe - "Messing With My Drug Life"
7. The Moldy Peaches - "Who's Got The Crack?"
8. Merle Haggard - "Gotta Get Drunk"
9. Camera Obscura - "You Told A Lie"
10. Cypress Hill - "I Wanna Get High"
11. Limblifter - "Drug Induced"
12. Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs"
13. Ketch Harbour Wolves - "Signs Were Everywhere"

Compiled by DJ Flex Rock, Summitt Rouss, who you'll find more about on Facebook here.


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