The Little Red Digest: for February 10

Classical paintings came alive. An ancient Viking valentine was decoded. The oldest footprints outside Africa were discovered in England. England wanted to make pretty much everything illegal. The Thames got a cool new floating platform. Melting glaciers revealed the corpses of soldiers from WWI. Russia saw the time before the World Wars as a golden age. Passenger pigeons went extinct. Richard Dawkins was a shitty, racist tweeter. James Joyce was a dirty bastard. Radio Disney promoted fracking in schools. Chickens got rose-coloured glasses. A fruitfly evolved pictures of ants on its wings. Bacteria had the most important moment in the history of evolution. Starship Troopers was misunderstood. Spare tires flew off ski jumps. Toronto was named the best city in the world for young people. The City of Toronto tried to save the Hotel Waverly and the Silver Dollar. Toronto City Hall had a battle over 1960s concrete furniture. The New Yorker talked about Toronto's logo. The career of Thora Birch went missing. Carl Wilson wrote about William S. Burroughs. Steve Murray wrote about death. Stuart Hall, a towering giant of Cultural Studies, died. Cameron Crowe remembered Philip Seymour Hoffman.


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