There's A New Single From Weaves (And An EP Coming Soon)

The off-kilter garage-y rockers in Weaves are counting down the final days before the release of their debut EP. It'll drop in a few weeks thanks to Buzz Records. And in anticipation they've released another new single, "Buttercup", which showcases more of their jangly, squealing rock & roll. Impose Magazine talked to frontwoman Jasmyn Burke about the new record in a new post on their site today:

"This EP is a mix of tunes recorded in [guitarist] Morgan [Waters'] bedroom in Garageband and Dave Newfeld's church studio [producer of Broken Social Scene, Super Furry Animals and Los Campesinos among others]. A collision of hi and lo-fi, pop and noise, bombast and confusion. We threw all the music we love into a bucket and puked on it."

You can check out the rest of the interview here. And the rest of our posts about Weaves, including some of their other singles, here.


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