Further Reasons Steve Paikin Can't Book Female Guests by Alex Snider

Steve Paikin (of TVO's The Agenda and formerly of my heart) lamented yesterday about his difficulties finding lady guests for his show. He has no idea where to find women who will be able to hold their own against the very important male guests and furthermore, when he does find that rare unicorn it's very hard to actually get them to commit because... DNA? (Ironic because ladies are all about commitment — maybe Steve just needs to put a ring on it?)

But surely not every woman gives Paikin the two same excuses (child-care and vanity), I've got a feeling that there are some other reasons the ladies are so tough to lock down:

– Bad with directions/bad at driving (physically difficult to make it to the studio)

– Battles with their mothers-in-law

– Periods

– Denying husbands BJs

– Chocolate cravings ACK

– Too hard to walk in new but uncomfortable but adorable shoes

– One or all of their cats have vet appointments

– Working on their frenemy relationships

– There's an SVU marathon on

– Crying over something (broken nail, college roommate getting married, biological clock, cute commercial staring babies both human and non, periods)

– Addicted to their Pinterest dream wedding board

– Sobbing into ice cream

Laughing into salad

– Busting some dude's balls

– Eating, Praying, Loving

– Nagging their husbands about how much time they spend in their man-caves

– Periods (srsly can't be overstated enough how crazy periods make chicks. Also periods are gross.)

– Trying (and failing) to learn how to throw like a boy

– Getting into light BDSM thanks to 50 Shades of Gray

– Learning math (hahahahahaha just kidding!)

– Binge watching Scandal and/or Nashville

– Spending too much time deciding what to wear

– Struggling to be rational against every fiber of their beings

– Creating vision boards

– Juice fast has made them too weak/volatile

– Deciding whether to be Team Jacob or Team Edward

– Being emotional (usually because of their periods)

– Judging other women

– Friend-zoning

– Gold-digging

– Too bitchy

– Zumba class is the same night

– Ruining the world for everyone with feminism


Alex Snider has binge watched both Scandal and Nashville. She lives with her cat in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter where she'll be super active for a week then be quiet for months – she's a social media cicada.


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