CMW 2014: The '92 Blue Jays @ The Handlebar

SATURDAY — I’m not sure what I was expecting when I took off to see the ’92 Blue Jays at Handlebar on Saturday night. A band dressed up in retro Blue Jays jerseys, singing twee songs about baseball? A hardcore punk band singing punk songs about baseball? A band comprised of old dudes reliving the glory days of our World Series winning team?

Whatever it was that I was expecting, I definitely wasn't expecting this band, who kind of looked like they were born in or around 1992 — and thus would have no memories of actually seeing the 1992 Toronto Blue Jays ever play. (I’m a pretty bad judge of age, though, so it’s possible these guys are older than I think.) Playing to a good-sized crowd complete with a drunk guy screaming at them to take off their shirts, they delivered a rambunctiously loud, raw and grunge-y set that had the dance floor moving, and has my ears still ringing today.





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Photos by Carmen Cheung, the Arts Editor for The Little Red Umbrella.

Words by Laurie McGregor, a Toronto-based dilettante. She watches way too much reality television and wishes that everyone could all just get along. She likes books, soft things, baking, unicorns, robots and has an unnatural love of vending machines. You can find her posts here and email her at


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