CMW 2014: MIA @ Tattoo Rock Bar

Guys, I had MIA's butt almost in my face. It was perfect -- both the moment and her butt. I was super excited to see her perform a free show at Yonge and Dundas, then just bitterly disappointed that I didn't get one of the wristbands when it was announced that the show had been moved to Tattoo, then elated when I decided to try anyway and managed to finagle my way in. It was a real emotional roller coaster. While initially bummed that it was going to be at Tattoo (when did they start booking good music? And does Edwin still work there??) but getting to see an artist like MIA, whose sound is huge and celebrity even bigger, in such a small venue was really fun. She played all her hits, encouraging the audience to sing along. At one point she got down into the crowd and made her way through, climbing on the bar and the rail at the back -- hence how her butt got so close to my face. I always knew that an MIA show would be loads of fun but she really went above and beyond.

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