Songs You Can Laze Around Your Apartment To, CMW Preview Edition

Canadian Music Week is almost upon us, and we’re already planning for the mid-point of the week, when we’re curled up on the couch mustering up the energy to head back out and listen to even more amazing bands! So here’s a laze-about playlist featuring Allie, Blue Sky Miners, Motel Raphael and more.


1. "Mayo" by Allie
Thursday, Freetimes Café at 9:00pm

2. "Atlas" by Gdansk
Friday, Charlie’s Gallery at 8:00pm

3. "Ghosts" by Motel Raphael
Saturday, Silver Dollar at 9:00pm

4. "The Ballad of Jack Pine" by T.Nile
Friday, Central at 11:00pm

5. "Three" by Blue Sky Miners
Tuesday, Silver Dollar at 10:00pm

6. "Roots (ft. Grant Bielefeld)" by JoJo Worthington
Thursday, Free Times Café at 8:00pm

7. "I’ve Got Everything" by Miss Polygamy
Thursday, Johnny Jackson at 11:00pm

8. "Now and Then" by 1951
Wednesday, Rancho Relaxo at 2:00am

9: "Wasteland" by Come On Live Long
Saturday, The Dakota Tavern at 8:00pm

10. "Day By Day" by Sons et. Al
Wednesday, The Dakota Tavern at 12:00am
Friday, Czehoski at 1:00am
Saturday, The Garrison at 9:45pm

11. "Battle Scar" by My Heart Belongs to Cecilia Winter
Friday, Baltic Avenue at 10:00pm


Compiled by Laurie McGregor, a Toronto-based dilettante. She watches way too much reality television and wishes that everyone could all just get along. She likes books, soft things, baking, unicorns, robots and has an unnatural love of vending machines. You can find her posts here and email her at

All songs are included in order to promote the artist. If you are the copyright-holder and would prefer a song not be included, contact us and we'll happy to remove it.


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