Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To, NXNE Preview Edition

It's a particularly controversial year for North By Northeast (we shared our thoughts over here). But there are still plenty of amazing bands playing in Toronto over the course of the next few days, so we've put together a podcast of our favourites, including Army Girls, The Wet Secrets, Stella Ella Ola and more.


1. "Letterman" by Gay Nineties
Thursday, 8pm at Handlebar
Thursday, 12am at The Rivoli
2. "Summerette" by Stella Ella Ola
Wednesday, 11 pm at The Silver Dollar

3. "Sunshine" by The Wet Secrets
Thursday, 11pm at The Rivoli
4. "I Wanna Love You" by Michael Rault
Thursday, 12am at Handlebar
Saturday, 4pm at the St. James Gazebo (FREE)
Saturday, 9pm at Smiling Buddha

5. "Frantic" by The Lovely Feathers
Thursday, 12am at The Dakota Tavern
Saturday, 4:30pm at Trinity Bellwoods (FREE - part of the Great Heart Festival) 

6. "The Power" by Army Girls
Wednesday, 12:30am at MiO Squirtcar
Friday, 9pm at Lee's Palace
Sunday, 4pm at Sonic Boom in-store (FREE)

7. "Movie Star" by Swearin'
Friday, 12am at The Horseshoe Tavern
Saturday, 10pm at Smiling Buddha 

8. "Motorcycle" by Weaves
Thursday, 8pm at Massey Hall
Saturday, 2:10pm at The Great Hall 
Sunday, 2pm at Sonic Boom in-store (FREE)

9. "Try Not To Laugh" by Unfinished Business
Saturday, 6pm at Smiling Buddha
Sunday, 8pm at Edward Day Gallery 

10. "Suss It Out" by The Yips
Thursday, 2am at Smiling Buddha
11. "Toot Your Own Horn" by The Lytics
Saturday, 11pm at Adelaide Hall
Sunday, 4:30pm at Ryerson

12. "Sanity 7" by Juan Wauters
Thursday, 8pm at The Garrison
Thursday, 11pm at Smiling Buddha

Friday, 11pm at Smiling Buddha
Saturday 11pm at Smiling Buddha
13. "Oh Linda!" by Gramercy Riffs
Friday, 9pm at The Hideout
Saturday, 4pm at Trinity Bellwoods (FREE - part of the Great Heart Festival)

14. "Tentacles" by Rah Rah
Friday, 2:30pm at The Horseshoe Tavern

15. "Construction Worker" by The Golden Dogs
Saturday 11pm at The Rivoli
16. "Boy Detective" by Patti Cake
Friday, 2am at The Silver Dollar

17. "Hunting Season" by Hands & Teeth
Wednesday, 10pm at The Mod Club Theatre
Friday, 1am at The Bovine Sex Club
Saturday, 3:30pm at Trinity Bellwoods (FREE - part of the Great Heart Festival)

18. "Pick Me Up" by Kalle Mattson 
Thursday, 10pm at Handlebar
Friday, 5pm at Berczy Park (FREE)
Saturday, 3pm at Trinity Bellwoods (FREE - part of the Great Heart Festival)
Saturday, 6pm at the St. James Gazebo (FREE)

19. "Otters" by The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra
Wednesday, 1am at The Dakota Tavern

20. "Passion Is Dead (Long Live Fashion)" by Fevers
Wednesday, 11pm at The Boat
Thursday, 8pm at The Rivoli


Compiled by Adam Bunch, the Editor-in-Chief of the Little Red Umbrella and the creator of the Toronto Dreams Project. You can read his posts here, follow him on Twitter here, or email him at

Thumbnail: Carmen Elle of Army Girls by Melanie Baresic

All songs are included in order to promote the artist. If you are the copyright-holder and would prefer a song not be included, contact us and we'll happy to remove it.


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