CMW 2015: SIANspheric @ The Horseshoe Tavern

WEDNESDAY – On Wednesday night, at the mid-point of what already felt like a very long week, we headed to the Horseshoe to lose ourselves in the ambient, spacey noise-rock of SIANspheric. The Hamilton-born band was pretty big in the '90s; I remembered them from a really, really awesome Sonic Unyon compilation album celebrating the label’s fifth anniversary… but had never seen them live before. The house was pretty full: a mix of interesting characters and fans who likely hadn’t been out to a show in years (like the guy overheard in the men's washroom who was struggling to remember if the last time he'd been at the Horseshoe had been his stag, or his 40th birthday).

When SIANspheric hit the stage, they melted our ears with a wall of druggy sound, hushed vocals, heavy distortion (no surprise, as each band member had like a million pedals set up in front of them!), long, slow builds into epic-ness. Despite the awesome sounds, the crowd seemed just a little subdued, only quietly responding to Sean Ramsay's suggestion that he wanted to hear a few more “Give 'ers!!!”

Maybe everyone had been having a long week too, but regardless, SIANspheric put on the kind of great show that had me wishing I'd gone out to see them play in their heyday.




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