Songs You Can Dance Around Your Apartment To, CMW 2015

Canadian Music Week has taken over Toronto, with a thousand bands playing dozens of venues around the city. We'll be writing, and shooting and getting drunk off our asses all week long. But first, dance around your apartment with some of our favourite bands playing the festival: Brave Shores, Rich Aucoin, Pkew Pkew Pkew and more.


1. "Hold Your Fire" by Gay Nineties
Friday, midnight at the Rivoli

2. "Never Come Down" by Brave Shores
Friday, 11pm at the Mod Club

3. "Undead Pt. 2 – Reconciliation" by Rich Aucoin
Saturday, midnight at the Great Hall

4. "Offer" by together PANGEA
Thursday, midnight at the Silver Dollar
Friday, midnight at the Silver Dollar
Saturday, midnight at the Silver Dollar 

5. "Billions of Eyes" by Lady Lamb
Saturday, 11pm at the Garrison

6. "False Realities" by Pleasantry
Friday, 1am at Handlebar

7. "I Won't" by Ivory Hours
Wednesday, 11pm the Gladstone
Friday, 11pm at Burdock
Saturday, 11pm at the Dakota Tavern
Saturday, 3am at Sneaky Dee's 

8. "Animals" by The Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger
Friday, 1am at the Horseshoe Tavern

9. "Summer Eyes" by Midday Swim
Friday, 8pm at the Mod Club
Saturday, 1am at the Dakota Tavern 

10. "Indian Summer" by LYON
Friday, 10pm at the Mod Club

11. "Shiver and Shake" by Sweet Jean
Thursday, midnight at the Cadillac Lounge
Saturday, 3:40pm at the Horseshoe 

12. "Treelines" by Blue Sky Miners
Thursday, 10pm at the Velvet Underground

13. "Song 4 You" by Ben Lee
Thursday, 10pm at the Great Hall
Friday, midnight at the Garrison 

14. "Thick As Thieves" by Kalle Mattson
Saturday, 10pm at the Garrison

15. "Try" by Bad Girls
Thursday, 10pm at Sneaky Dee's
Friday, 8:15pm at Hard Luck Bar
16. "Face of Love" by Mad Ones
Thursday, 1am at Cherry Cola's Rock N' Rolla Cabaret

17. "Sun Burn Boner Boy" by Brews Willis
Thursday, 8:15pm at Lee's Palace
Friday, 1am at the Silver Dollar

18. "Feelin' Lazy" by Pet Sun
Thursday, 11pm at the Silver Dollar

19. "Stop Calling Us Chief" by Pkew Pkew Pkew (gunshots)
Saturday, 1am at the Silver Dollar

20. "Snow Lines" by Deforesters
Saturday, 11pm at the Silver Dollar


Compiled by Adam Bunch, the Editor-in-Chief of the Little Red Umbrella and the creator of the Toronto Dreams Project. You can read his posts here, follow him on Twitter here, or email him at


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