CMW 2011: Brett Caswell and the Marquee Rose @ Sneaky Dee's by Stephanie Cloutier

THURSDAY - I would get wet for Brett Caswell and the Marquee Rose again.

Their infectious and catchy songs dried out my wet spirits after getting drenched in the rain. As I stood snapping away among my fellow photographers, I watched how Caswell and his band mates masterly crafted a mood that elevated every soul who was present for the Audio Blood showcase at Sneaky Dee’s.

 Playing the majority of their songs from their last album, A New Balance, the real treat of the night was inviting a horn section (a trombone and trumpet) on stage. It was something that Caswell said they hardly ever get to do for a live show and it created a mood that was mellow, light and joyous.

 This high continued until the end of their set when they finished with “L.O.V.E”. Indeed, there was something in the air; people singing along, others linked arm-in-arm and dancing. Brett Caswell and the Marquee Rose injected a dose of something good. Whatever it was, it kept my step light and heart happy as I ventured back out into the rain that night.

Photos: Stephanie Cloutier

Stephanie Cloutier is a photographer, writer, and a wannabe lady of leisure. Her work has appeared in NOW Magazine, blogTO and SoundProof Magazine. You can find her posts here, find more of her work on her website here, follow her on Twitter (@stephcloutier) and e-mail her at


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