Meet Our New Photo Blogs: Style, History and Everything Else

As some of you may have already noticed (we to like to pretend there are thousands of you who spend most of your days staring intently at our site and occasionally hitting refresh to see if anything has changed), we've recently added a brand new feature: photo blogs. So far we've got three of them, and we've kinda been having a lot of fun playing around with them, putting up new photos every day.

The main one is called Little Red Photos. It's where we're putting our photos of pretty much whatever we happen to be taking photos of. There'll probably be lots of stuff from around the city. And shows and events and stuff. Artsy crap when we're feeling artsy. And stuff from other cities when we can scrape together enough money to actually go to other cities. 

Then there's Little Red Style. In there, we've got photos of clothes and shoes and guys in damned good-looking suits and women in pretty dresses and just generally lots of stuff we wish we owned and people we think look cool.  And, just as soon as we're able to muster up enough courage to start walking up to strangers and telling them how great they look, we'll start doing street style shots for it, too.

And finally, The Toronto Dreams Project Historical Photostream. When our Editor-In-Chief isn't busy being all Editor-In-Chiefy, he's over at the Toronto Dreams Project blog, writing about the history of the city. And since he finds waaaay more cool old photos of Toronto than you could ever write entire posts about, we're going to start posting them here.

You can check out all our new photo blogs by clicking "Photos" in our site's header, or through the links to them in our sidebar, or by heading right on over here.


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