Photographers To Watch: Erika Jacobs

Erika Jacobs has exhibited her photographs at numerous venues in the city, including Niagara Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, and Gallery 44. Her work has appeared in SoundProof Magazine, Eye Weekly, and The Globe and Mail. She currently freelances full time. In January, she and fellow graduate Eugen Sakhnenko started Knock Twice Blog, a website dedicated to assisting and informing emerging creative professionals.

"This is a study for a potential project, Working Study for Signals.  I wanted to investigate two issues; if it's possible to create a portrait without showing a face, and how people use body language to communicate. I photographed couples in the same environment, since relationships are a context that require constant communication. The subjects were instructed to create a signal, without showing their faces. These are the results."

Check out other work by Erika Jacobs at and follow her on Twitter  @erikajacobs_.


CodyMcGraw said...

Erika Jacobs is definitely one of the most talented photographers I've had the pleasure to work with!

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