Little Red Book Review: Bossypants by Tina Fey by Cody McGraw

It seems as if up until now Tina Fey has done everything other than write a book. And whether you love her as a Weekend Update anchor, Liz Lemon, Sarah Palin or mother of Alice you’ll find something to like here.

Hilarious doesn’t begin to describe Bossypants; leaving it at that is a disgrace but it’s tough to sum up with words how amazing the words of Tina Fey are. Fey has delivered a layered book filled with anecdotes about growing up in Pennsylvania, her time at The Second City Chicago and then Saturday Night Live, how 30 Rock got started and about being a working mom. She has managed to tell a story to appeal to her wide variety of fans and do it in a pure Tina Fey-endearing weirdo form that is low on structure and high on hilarity.

Fey has become an icon, winning countless awards and overcoming the stigma of being a working mom while maintaining the persona of a nerd who just happens to have a critically acclaimed (read: low ratings) TV show and brushes it off as no big deal. She even questions why you even bothered to buy this book. She makes fun of herself countless times, staying grounded and reminding you that even though she’s rich and famous it doesn’t mean she’s lost her sense of humanity – and that’s why everyone loves her.

If Tom Hanks is the “every man” then Tina Fey can be described at the “every woman”. She’s just a person who happened to achieve everything she set out to do who makes us laugh as she lives her dream. If you’ve ever seen the episode of 30 Rock in which she attends her high school reunion, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Photo: Tina Fey

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