NXNE 2011: The Balconies @ Sneaky Dee's by Cody McGraw

SATURDAY - Our crush on The Balconies is getting pretty out of control, but it wouldn’t be a festival if we didn’t see them 800 times and love every second of it. Plus there’s no way in HELL we’d miss the showcase sponsored by our buddies at Audio Blood because they lord knows they know how to plan a solid show.

The Balconies kill it (this term shouldn't be a thing anymore) every time with amazing guitar riffs care of charismatic singer Jacquie Neville and her brother, Stephen, supported by Liam Jaeger hammering away on drums. To say The Balconies is establishing a solid reputation as one of the best live bands in Canada is not a bold statement – it’s a true statement.

As you’ve probably already assumed The Balconies exploded our brains once again at NXNE with tracks off their self-titled debut as well as their amazing new 7” featuring new songs “Tiger” and “Kill Count” which also translated well live. Ok, ok, we’re about one more review away from a restraining order so I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

MP3: "Kill Count" by The Balconies

Photos by Stephanie Cloutier

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