NXNE 2011: Hands & Teeth @ Sneaky Dee's by Stephanie Cloutier

SATURDAY - Apart from the condensation of sweat that floated in the air, there was also a lot of sex at Sneaky Dee’s. In the air, that is. And when Hands & Teeth took the stage, most of it was emanating from them. That was the feeling I got as I sat front row and centre to watch them perform at the Audio Blood Media showcase Saturday.

I also felt that the five-piece band from Parkdale performed a high-calibre show that night. It inspired me to tap along to their music and the audience to move and jump, even to mosh. Who knew poppy, experimental folk music inspired the inner mosher in some of us? Hands & Teeth can.

My only lament is that their set was too short. I thoroughly enjoyed the inclusion of songs from their latest EP release, Enjoy Your Lifestyle. I was notably moved by the slow and haunting “Rainbows and Unicorns”, and the poppy and high-energy “Race to the End”. Without a doubt, Hands & Teeth had me on my knees.

MP3: "Shine On" by Hands And Teeth

Photos by Adam Bunch

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