NXNE 2011: The Paint Movement @ The Rivoli by Laurie McGregor

WEDNESDAY - We'd never heard of Mississauga's The Paint Movement before they took to the stage on Wednesday night at The Rivoli, and our attention was immediately grabbed as they began setting up — largely because of the number of people on stage (6? 7? I don't remember), and the fact that they had two (two!!) saxophone players in the band. We weren't even planning on reviewing them, but that all changed when they started playing.

They were everything I love about music — rich, orchestral jazz-funk-pop with swirling melodies that make you feel like you're being thrown around inside the most amazing kaleidoscope ever. Their stage presence and melee of sounds sometimes felt almost Broken Social Scene-esque, with lots of keyboards, tambourine, and sexy jumping around all over the place. They even managed to get the crowd moving, which was no easy task given how lead-footed everyone had been for The Meligrove Band's Ramones set.

The show left us glowing with the excitement of discovering a fantastic new group, and made us promise to tell all of our friends about them. We also promised to dust off our saxophone, get our chops back, and join a band so that we could start rocking out as hard as these guys.

MP3:  "Faults" by The Paint Movement

Photos by Adam Bunch

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