NXNE 2011: PS I Love You @ The Horseshoe by Cody McGraw

THURSDAY - I’ve never actually worn ear plugs at a concert before because I always assumed I’d go deaf naturally from being a music journalist for so long. But I gotta say I regretted that after seeing PS I Love You at the Legendary Sweatbox Tavern.

As hinted above, PS I Love You is like someone throwing water on your face as you sleep. Once it hits you you instantly jolt up and either submit yourself to it or get really angry. Luckily for me I fall into the submissive category and can’t get enough of this band. Larger than life front man Paul Saulnier wails like Frank Black having rough sex (and he’s enjoying it) and stoic drummer Benjamin Nelson plays the role of his great music adversary. It adds up to create the best post-punk in music today. And if their excellent album Meet Me at the Muster Station is any indication, then we’ve only just begun to see what they can do.

Although plagued with technical issues the guys still managed to knock the audience on its ass and blew more than just an amp. Their album doesn’t even begin to do them justice – they’re a band that has to be seen live sooner rather than later and you’ll know what I’m talking about once you hear such knockouts as “2012”, “Facelove” and “Cbez”.

Lastly, to the girl behind me during the technical difficulties portion, you gave that other chick some really horrible investment advice and you should be ashamed of yourself — but at least it gave me time to check if my left ear was bleeding.

MP3:  "2012" by PS I Love You

Photos by Stephanie "Slash" Cloutier

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Chris Wheeler said...

Ask Frank Black how he would actually wail while being raped. Ask PS I Love You singer Paul Saulnier how he feels about being compared to a wailing rape victime. Ask an actual rape victim if they would liken their experience to being at a screeching rock concert. Except you wouldn't do any of these things because they are wildly inappropriate. The use of the word rape or raped in casual conversation or critical writing is never acceptable; that word has an incredible power both as an act and a way of recalling the act. I'd really appreciate it if you would change that word/phrase to reflect these sensitivities. And hopefully next time you'll think twice about being blasé about this horrible and devastating tragedy.

Adam Bunch said...

Thanks for the comment, Chris. Point well taken. We've made the change.

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