NXNE 2011: The Luyas @ The Horseshoe by Cody McGraw

THURSDAY - This is going to sound really creepy but you know those bands who just make you want to cuddle with them? The Luyas is that kind of band. Led by Jessie Stein and supported by a variety of instruments (including a french horn), played incredibly by Pietro Amato, Stefan Schneider and Mathieu Charbonneau, this is a band full of charm.

Having made the Polaris Prize longlist earlier in the day for their beautiful record, Too Beautiful To Work, they had a lot live up to. However, the 9pm audience was instantly enthralled with a single song and smile from one of Canada’s best up and comers.

With soft vocals and hard hitting back up, The Luyas play seductive lullabies that reel you in and hold you tight. I didn’t believe the press, falling all over itself in praise of the band, until I witnessed the Horseshoe audience becoming serene – as if the entire venue was hypnotized or watching The Godfather for the first time.

If this music thing doesn’t work out for them at least they have an exciting career in heart stealing to look forward to. They’ve already got mine and I don’t want it back.

MP3:  "Too Beautiful To Work" by The Luyas

Photos by Adam Bunch

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