NXNE 2011 Photos: Ruby Coast @ Sneaky Dee's by Adam Bunch

FRIDAY - As far as we're concerned, Ruby Coast should just live on the stage at Sneaky Dee's. We've seen them there more than once, and each time it's a been an all-out party, with enough dancing that it feels like the floor is about to cave in on the restaurant below. Friday night's set was admittedly a little less crazy. Maybe it was the earlyish 10pm time slot. Or the fact they skipped their best two songs, "Neighbourhood" and "More Than Television". But if you'd never seem them live before, you might find that hard to believe: even early and without a couple of their strongest tunes, Ruby Coast are one of the best, most catchy, jump-up-and-down and shout-along indie bands in the city.

MP3: "Neighbourhood" by Ruby Coast

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