NXNE 2011: Art Brut @ The Mod Club by Cody McGraw

FRIDAY - Who says 2004 is over? Stars headlined Yonge and Dundas Square as The Mod Club welcomed Art Brut — I, for one, chose the latter and can confidently say it was the right choice.

Though I'd taken a hiatus from caring about them for a few years, I was pretty open to seeing Art Brut again. You can always expect a good time from this band. Frontman/should be comedian Eddie Argos doesn’t really give a shit if you like his voice, his lyrics or his bandmates and it makes for an amazing time. Before anyone can make fun of the band for plateauing early, Argos slides his dry, witty British banter in and accepts what has happened: most of their fans have moved on.

Clearly aware that they've released a trio of so-so albums since their debut, Bang Bang Rock & Roll, they relied heavily on tracks off that record — much to the crowd’s pleasure. The audience helped Argos belt out tunes such as “We Formed a Band”, “Emily Kane”, “Direct Hit” and “My Little Brother”. In the end, the crowd was left begging for more. Not bad for a band that hasn’t been relevant in years.

MP3: "Good Weekend" by Art Brut

Photos by Adam Bunch

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