NXNE 2011: Sheezer @ Sneaky Dee's by Cody McGraw

FRIDAY - I'll get right to the point: Sheezer is one of those bands who remind you just how amazing it is to be alive. I'm no doctor but I whole-heartedly suggest using them as an alternative to medication or those light box things.

Already soaked in sweat, the crowd at Sneaky Dee’s was panting in anticipation for Toronto's all-female Weezer cover band. Having gone from joke novelty act to legitimate crowd-drawers, Sheezer is truly something special. And since they only sing songs off Weezer’s first two albums, everyone knows the words: it’s one huge dance party/sing along filled with teen angst and body odour.

Alysha Haugen, Magali Meagher, Laura Barrett, Dana Snell and Robin Hatch deserve to be your heroes. As far as I'm concerned, seeing them live is one of the happiest things you can experience. They make you yearn for the days you’d sit in your parents’ basement thinking your life was so hard. You know, before you grew up and rent, bills and groceries came along and you realized that things could be a lot harder.

Photos by Adam Bunch

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