Little Red Theatre Review: Here You Are by Cody McGraw

Here You Are is the unfortunate story of a very irritating relationship. Girl (Jennifer Hallihan) leaves boy (Adrian Proszowski). Boy finds new, cooler girl (Kiki Moritsugu). Girl comes back and fakes pregnancy.

Having two unsympathetic, immature leads is always a tricky route to take – especially when they feel so unnatural. Because of this it was hard to connect with them or feel for them in any way. I can’t honestly say I gave a damn about what happened to the couple or was rooting for them in any capacity. I was more concerned about the other woman as she deserved way better than the man-boy she fell for. The other characters deserved a slap.

The more interested b-storyline involves a woman (Alisha Stranges) discovering her husband (Ryan G. Hinds) has been cheating on her with another man. Frivolously thrown into the background, the storyline is swept under the rug as if it was a last minute addition to the performance, which is too bad because they were characters worth emotional investment.

Despite my problems with the characters, I have to give credit to Director Cole J. Alvis for using the small space of the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse to his advantage. Everything looked wonderful – it’s too bad I can’t say the same about what came out of the actors’ mouths.

Here You Are is playing Saturday evening at 8:45 and Sunday afternoon at 1:45 at the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse at 79 St. George St.

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