Photographers To Watch: Andrew B Myers

"My work tends to focus on some element of what's common, everyday, or perhaps even mundane," explains Andrew B Myers, when we ask him about his photos, "which can include references to pop culture and human behaviour we're all familiar with, especially in Canada/North America. Sometimes I simply appreciate that which is playful but also intelligent, and try to create narratives that could be taken as either very clever or very stupid. At the same time I'm obsessive and idealistic, and appreciate very carefully crafted and specific combinations of colour and composition, which makes for an odd pairing with the subject matter for the most part.

"I finished at Ryerson University and I'm currently represented commercially by Westside Studio in Canada and am now selling work through Toronto's Angell Gallery. I've worked or clients in Toronto, Montreal, and New York and I've been published and exhibited worldwide at this point, last fall as one of Canada's emerging photographers with Flash Forward."

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