The Boob Tube Review: Nov. 1, 2011

Every week, we discuss the television we've been watching. There are usually plenty of spoilers, so beware:

Once Upon a Time: "The Thing You Love Most"
Season 1, Episode 2, ABC

OK, this fairy tale drama is officially my favourite new show of the season. Now delving deeper into the characters and backstory, it has become can't miss television. I seriously can't stop thinking about it. I haven't acted this way about an hour-long drama since Pushing Daisies, and we all remember what happened there... - Cody McGraw 

Walking Dead: "Save the Last One"
Season 2, Episode 3, AMC

Whoa, SHANE! How do we feel about this? According to one Facebook status, how you react to Shane's sacrifice of Otis determines what kind of person you are so throw away all those Cosmo quizzes and get to self-reflection! Did you feel it was unnecessary because the horde was kinda far back and Shane and Otis didn't have that far to go? And then they seemed to waste a lot of time tussling on the ground? And it was kind of rude to shoot Otis in the leg and let the zombies eat him alive instead of shooting him dead? What does it say about me if I think Shane is a complete sociopath? Facebook status? WHAT KIND OF PERSON AM I? Back to the Cosmo quizzes, I guess. Also, everyone else continues to makes annoying decisions, like walking through the woods at night or randomly ignoring their character development or clogging up sink drains with hair (worst guest ever, Shane) or telling boring stories (then where did Carl look, Rick?). I'm going to start a poll as to when I start rooting for the zombies. - Alex Snider

I agree with all of that, but would like to add that the whole guy who tried to hang himself after getting bitten by a zombie and is now undead and hanging from a tree was kinda awesome. I like him more than most of the regular characters. Spin off? - Adam Bunch 

The Simpsons: "Treehouse of Horror XXII"
Season 23, Episode 3, FOX

I have no problem telling you I LOVE The Simpson Halloween specials. Say what you want about the quality in the past, let's say, ten years but you have to admit they're still a lot of fun. This year they made fun of 127 Hours, Spider-Man, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and the yawnworthy Avatar resulting in yearns for the days of Bart Simpson's Dracula. - CM 

Bored To Death: "The Black Clock of Time"
Season 3, Episode 3, HBO

I think I've been very slightly disappointed by this season so far. Mostly,  I miss the central storyline and existential weight of last season's cancer scare and the collapse of George's career as an editor. (Not to mention Jessica Hecht as his doctor/girlfriend.) I suppose that's what they're trying to do with Ray's newly found fatherhood and George's new restaurant. But it's hard to complain when the show keeps coming up with great lines. Two of the people I follow on Twitter both tweeted the same Jason Schwartzman line I was going to: "I'm good at platonic, it's my default sexual setting...after nervous." - AB 

Grimm: "Pilot"
Season 1, Episode 1, NBC
Because this show is created by Angel and Buffy vet David Greenwalt I'm willing to give Grimm another shot. Firstly they need a better balance of supernatural and crime if they want to hook the network audience since this show isn't on The CW like it should be. Secondly they need to fully embrace the fairy tale aspect only being hinted at. It's working for Once Upon a Time and it could work here, too. But I imagine they are trying to pull a Lost and draw out the lore as much as they can. -CM 

Dexter: "Angel of Death"
Season 6, Episode 5, Showtime

Can we please talk about Harrison? That kid is terrible. I don't care for his vacant stare and his refusal to ever acknowledge Mos Def. Just think, every scene with him is the best they could get out of that kid. He is the worst. And he has his own apartment? Ugh child actors, amirite?! Kill him someone, for the love of Mos Def, kill him! (The character, not the actual child!) The actress who plays Lorena from True Blood deserves an award for the most unappealing love scenes of all time given that we've seen her have sex with her head twisted around, have sex in a pool of blood and now we find out she lived with Eddie Jimmy Olmos (Happy Endings FTW)? Someone get that woman some therapy. Travis, in true Hanks fashion, is the most likable killer of all time (sorry Dex) and second only to Mos for most likable religious nut (seriously, dude, stop messing with my head, first that disgusting chin beard now the incessant proselytizing? How am I still crazy-attracted to you??!). Oh man, I'm digging this season so hard. - AS 

The Office: "Spooked"
Season 8, Episode 5, NBC

This episode is worth watching for Meredith's obsession with the Royal Couple alone, plus it was very Erin-centric, so you know there were at least a few moments. Sadly that's all we can hope for in these later seasons of The Office. - CM 

I have to admit, the very end of this episode made me much more intrigued by this whole James Spader situation. I kind of liked the depth he added to what might have been a pretty forgettable Halloween episode with his nature-of-fear monologue at the end. - AB

Happy Endings: "Spooky Endings"
Season 2, Episode 5, ABC

Oh baby, I just discovered this show and hot damn, do I love it so much! It's like HIMYM without Ted and pregnant Lily and sad Marshall and Nora and stale writing and with so, so, so much hilarity. Argh it's so good! If I was holding a paper cup I'd have just crumpled it in my hand and thrown it at your chest as a show of how unable I am to control myself when talking about Happy Endings. It's so good it's in constant threat of cancellation. There. Please watch it. - AS


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Alex Snider said...

With his slapstick luck, hanging zombie could totally be the next Mr. Bean: first he gets bitten by a zombie. Then he writes a hilarious poem note for some reason. Then he fails at hanging himself (THAT'S SO BEAN). And then, the icing on the cake, the worst of the worst, he has to listen to Andrea moan on about not being able to shoot herself.

I think you're on to something, Adam.

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