Photographers To Watch: Nick Wong

"For the longest time, I'd always wanted to be a comic book artist. Ever since I was little I'd see all these great portrayals of really unique characters and interesting, beautiful landscapes. It always made me wonder how these images might translate to real-life, so that's where I draw much of my visual aesthetic from. Comics, CGI-based movies, video games; they all have this unique ability to draw in viewers with a whole visual world, and that's what I try to incorporate into my photography. I strive to bring elements of the surreal, fictional worlds and impose them on our own reality; recreating the places, things and people that we might be familiar with into something different and interesting." -Nick Wong

Nick received his BDes from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2009. Having shortly moved to Toronto, he now works as a freelance photographer.

Check out more of Nick's work at and follow him on Twitter @nickwongphoto.

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