Rob Ford: Council's Meeting on Transit "Irrelevant" by Alex Snider

Yesterday was an awesome day for Toronto, a crappy day for Rob Ford and a great day for those of us who love it when politicians say stupid things on camera.

According to our esteemed mayor the province is going to pony up the cash for a Scarborough subway. Despite the 25-18 vote for Karen Stintz's coalition plan, despite the hundreds of thousands of Torontonians whom the LRT would benefit, despite the astronomical costs of his plan vs the coalition plan, despite studies showing the economic and environmental benefit... All of that is just "irrelevant" because Ford wants a subway and he's going to throw all his toys out of his playpen until the province just gives it to him.

The lack of political intelligence and the laughable lack of self-awareness have made Ford's term thus far such a (gravy) train wreck. He wants to cut every service, slash all funding, piss on poor people, old people and children yet he also wants to go for the most expensive transit option? FFS. And he caws on and on about the taxpayers yet the additional 135,000 people, taxpayers who will be using the LRT as opposed to Ford's mythical subway are treated like dirt.

It would all be absolutely hilarious if there weren't real lives on the line, if there weren't actual repercussions of a buffoon like Rob Ford making decisions on behalf of two and a half million people. Well, actually, a video clip of an entire press conference breaking out in laughter at the mayor is pretty funny:


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